About REbecca

Rebecca (she/her/hers) grew up traveling to Europe to visit her immigrant mother's family, and while reading fashion magazines for hours on the plane she fell in love with the artistry and drama of fashion photography. As she shot various subjects for more than 7 years, she found her love of menswear and streetwear because of its raw, gritty, and documentary beauty.

One of the reasons she was drawn to fashion was to finally put an end the all-too-normalized creepy old man shooting a skinny blonde girl, and no matter what she shoots she firmly stands against any kind of sexism, racism, fetishizing, and shaming of any kind for body image, size, history, or gender—no matter the level of offense. Currently, she’s working on transitioning to shooting exclusively ethical fashion that treats every human being and the planet with care at every point in its supply chain.

name history

"Sieger!" (the German word for champion) references her German Opa, who was her closest grandparent. While he was known for his fierce competitive nature & his victory cry "Sieger!" over every competition, his reputation as the charming, mischievous, & personable man down the street made him everyone's best friend. On the other side, Rebecca shares a middle name with her grandmother Blanche Rose, who passed before her birth. She was never able to meet Blanche personally, but loved poring through albums filled with yellowed photographs and scribbles in her diary.




challenge existing aesthetics and values & give a voice in fashion to everyone who's excluded.

believing that what makes someone different is what makes them beautiful. 

S&B seeks to infuse every shoot with visual and emotional depth.